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Ensure Candidacy for Dental Implants

Restore Lost Jaw Bone

The jaw bone plays an integral role in the health of the mouth, providing the primary support structure for teeth. Bone relies on the movement (stimulation) of the teeth when you bite and chew to remain strong and healthy. When even one tooth is lost or extracted, the bone in the area of the missing tooth will begin to resorb, shrinking in both size and density. This poses a problem for both the existing adjacent teeth, as they can shift out of place and alter the bite, and a patient’s candidacy for tooth replacement options like dental implants. Even if you have severe bone loss due to many missing teeth, we can help you qualify for dental implants through our comprehensive bone grafting services. As a dentist specializing in dental implants, Dr. Mark Connelly is trained in all related procedures, including bone grafting and ridge augmentation, and uses plasma rich growth factors to ensure the predictability of new jaw bone growth—and your candidacy for implants.

Bone Grafting: What to Expect

Bone grafting involves placing a bone material, either taken from you or a donor source, at the site of recession, which will fuse to existing bone to form a solid, even foundation. We use plasma rich growth factors (PRF) in our grafting procedures, a type of plasma rich protein taken from the patient’s own blood. PRF stimulate healing and regeneration of new bone and soft tissue at the treatment site. This is especially important for patients who will be receiving dental implants once the area is fully healed. Though we are trained in conservative techniques, bone grafting is a surgical procedure that can cause anxiety for some patients. Dr. Connelly is certified to administer IV sedation at our St. Johns, MI office, allowing you to “sleep” through your procedure and have little-to-know memory of the experience once it is complete. These technologies and techniques give our patients an improved bone grafting experience, allowing them to enjoy a healthier mouth quickly.

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Why Bone Grafting is Important

  • Prepare jaw for dental implants
  • Even out the jaw line
  • Prevent shifting teeth
  • Retain facial appearance
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Rebuilding an Uneven Jaw Line

When bone volume has been lost in the jaw, it can create an uneven gum line that not only looks unattractive in your smile but may cause teeth to shift and limits the placement of dental implants. A ridge augmentation can even out a receded gum line and preserve your jaw structure. When a tooth is extracted it leaves behind an empty area in the jaw, which can quickly deteriorate and affect the jaw ridge. We perform a ridge augmentation to restore bone where the tooth once was and prepare for dental implant replacement. In most cases, we can complete a ridge augmentation the same day as your tooth extraction to streamline your treatment process and shorten the time it takes to have dental implants placed.

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