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Expertise in Complex Smile Rehabilitation

Are Your Teeth Damaged, Broken, or Missing?

Many patients come to us for full mouth reconstruction because they have been living with pain and embarrassment from a smile that does not function properly or look attractive. Oftentimes a complexity of many dental problems, these patients’ smiles need comprehensive rehabilitation to bring them back to a state of full function and beauty. We treat patients with severely worn teeth, a misaligned bite, broken restorations or teeth, loose or missing teeth, bone loss, and many other issues. Full mouth reconstruction is often a complex process, involving many treatments over a period of time, but we are comprehensively trained and experienced in all procedures involved in your care. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Mark Connelly is uniquely qualified to complete all aspects of your treatment. Educated and trained in restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, our team consistently provides predictable results, leading patients into a comfortable, pain-free, and functional life.

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Full mouth reconstruction treatments assess three main parts of the smile: the bone, gums, and teeth. Because this treatment is comprehensive, we address all issues in these areas together to ensure the long-term success of each procedure. If the gums and bone are healthy, but your bite is off, it may be the reason you are suffering with bruxism, gum recession, and broken teeth or restorations. Similarly, teeth losing support from diseased gums and bone loss will not support any cosmetic treatments. Beginning with your smile’s foundation, we create a treatment plan that first establishes the health of your gums and bone, then corrects your bite before moving to more visible treatments such crowns and bridges and dental implants. By comprehensively assessing and treating your mouth, we can establish tooth stability, natural aesthetics, and the long-term health of your smile.
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Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

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Choose 35 Years of Experience in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Connelly has completed countless full mouth reconstruction treatments in his three-decade career, leveraging his advanced training and technologies to provide his patients with long-term health and function. Aside from experience in the full scope of general dentistry, he has completed over 1,100 hours of continuing education in restorative treatments, dental implants, and IV sedation . Always dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, Dr. Connelly has acquired numerous technologies, including CEREC, laser technology, and digital radiography, that all provide more predictable and effective treatment. You don’t have to live with broken or failing teeth any longer. Our experienced team is here to help with comprehensive full mouth reconstruction treatment.
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Dr. Connelly explains how a full mouth reconstruction restores your mouth to a healthy state

Restored function and aesthetics is still possible.