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We Recognize a Healthy Mouth Is Necessary for a Healthy Body

Few patients realize that there is a link between their dental health and the health of the entire body. Poor dental health, or poor nutrition due to painful or missing teeth, can lead to dental decay and disease, worsen current systemic diseases, and dramatically decrease quality of life. Our whole-health approach to dentistry is designed to reestablish a healthy mouth—and therefore improve overall health—through care personalized to the individual needs of our patients. With this understanding of the mouth-body connection, we carefully curate technology and seek out training that gives us the knowledge, tools, and resources to offer this high standard of dental care. Many of our patients agree that this is one of the main reasons choosing us over another dentist has made all the difference in both their dental health and their overall quality of life.

Experience the St. Johns Dental Care Difference

Our practice offers the full spectrum of general and cosmetic dentistry services, comprehensive dental implant care, and minimally invasive laser treatment with patented BIOLASE® technology. With a drive toward clinical excellence and continuing education, Dr. Mark Connelly has established his practice as the premier destination for comprehensive dental care in Clinton County. We welcome patients from St. Johns, MI and the surrounding communities to experience the difference our personalized care makes. Here, Dr. Connelly and our team take a genuine interest in the health of your smile, your overall health, and YOU as a unique person seeking our dental services. Let us be your dentist of choice!

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A Note from Our Dentist

We treat people, not just teeth. We recognize that a healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body, and we understand that no two patients are alike. We strive to listen to you, uncover your unique smile goals, and overall objectives for your health. We purposefully incorporate the latest technologies and training into your treatment to deliver optimum results and life-long oral and overall health. Our goal is to help you establish a higher level of dental health—and a better quality of life—so you can enjoy eating comfortably, live without dental decay or disease, and find confidence in yourself and your smile. Whether you desire a complete smile makeover, are looking for a new general dentist, or are seeking relief from the discomfort of missing teeth, you have come to the right place.

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