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Full arch dental implants is a treatment protocol that replaces all failing or missing teeth in an entire arch. Using the revolutionary Hahn™ tapered implant system, we place two or more dental implants securely into the jaw bone, even if bone resorption (or bone loss) has occurred. With our precision placement and the unique tapered structure of the dental implants, we can ensure proper healing of the implants and their long-term stability, even if our patients have complex situations, need multiple extractions, or have severe bone loss. If you have failing dentition or are missing many or all your teeth, there is hope. Our full arch dental implants are designed to restore your mouth to full health and function, helping you regain confidence in yourself and gain a higher quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your free implant consultation and CT with Dr. Mark Connelly!

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International Training, Local Experience

Obtaining an improved quality of life through full arch dental implants is no small feat. Because patients requiring this treatment often have complex issues with their teeth and bone, detailed planning and surgical skill is a necessity. Dr. Connelly is personally trained in complex rehabilitation of smiles with full arch dental implants. He has completed multiple hands-on surgical trainings from Dr. Carlos Roa, one of Mexico’s most renowned oral surgeons, and a pioneer in dental implants in Latin America. These state-of-the-art clinical courses, where Dr. Connelly was an advanced practitioner, focused on cases that often involved full arch extractions, complex bone grafting techniques, and placement of full arch dental implants. He takes this international training to provide care locally at our St. Johns, MI office, offering this high standard of clinical care to patients needing full arch rehabilitation.

Health, Function, Aesthetics

If you have many failing or missing teeth, you understand how this can affect not only your physical health, but your emotional wellbeing as well. Full arch dental implants provide improvements in three main areas—health, function, and aesthetics—which together work to restore confidence in your smile. When implants placed in your jaw are fully healed and integrated with the bone, they will provide healthy stimulation when you bite and chew. This will help maintain the health of the bone so that it does not continue to resorb and shrink, taking facial aesthetics with it. Visibly, full arch dental implants include a full set of life-like and strong artificial teeth. We commonly choose zirconia for your full-arch prosthesis, a material that is both highly durable and naturally aesthetic. Your smile will not only function properly but look complete and attractive. As a whole, full arch dental implants give you a quality of life that lets you live confidently, improve your oral and overall health, and regain a youthful appearance!

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The Advantages of Full Arch Dental Implants

  • Stability without pastes or adhesives
  • Long-term with proper care
  • Improved taste and bite strength
  • Preserves jaw bone volume
  • Retained facial appearance
  • Improved self-confidence
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Dr. Connelly answers the top 3 questions about full arch solutions

Our Full Arch Dental Implants Process

Our full arch dental implants treatment always begins with a complimentary consultation and CT, and a chance for you to tell us your smile goals. We believe that gaining your trust is the first step in helping you restore your smile. If you pursue treatment with us, we proceed to a comprehensive examination of your mouth, which will allow us to plan personalized care. Because Dr. Connelly has elected to receive advanced training in dental implants, all your treatments will be completed in our state-of-the-art office. On the day of surgery, you will be comfortably sedated, then we will extract any remaining teeth and place the dental implants strategically into your jaw. Depending on your clinical case, you will wear your provisional anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months as your implants heal and integrate with your jaw bone. With the healing process complete, we will attach your final zirconia prosthesis to your implants. Though each of our patient’s cases is unique, our goal is to have you fully established in a new smile in about six months. Imagine in less than one year from now, having a brand-new smile that lets you eat all the foods you love, talk and laugh freely, and gives you the confidence to enjoy an active, social lifestyle free from embarrassment or discomfort!

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