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CEREC: One-Visit Dental Crowns

No Goopy Impressions, Temporaries, or Second Visits

Anyone who has needed a traditional dental crown knows the associated inconvenience and discomfort of restoring a complete smile. Multiple appointments, goopy impressions, unreliable temporaries. All these issues can be eliminated with our modern dental technology. Our office is equipped with CEREC, a computer-guided technology we use to scan, design, and mill dental crowns that look and feel like real teeth. Best of all, this digital process, thanks to our training and in-house equipment, can be completed in just one visit to our St. Johns, MI office! Since 2005, Dr. Mark Connelly and our cosmetic dentistry team have helped hundreds of patients streamline their dental crowns process with same-day dentistry, quickly returning their smiles to natural beauty and function.

CEREC Crowns – Custom crowns same day!
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Know When You Need a Dental Crown

In most cases, you will know if you need to fix a tooth. Prolonged decay or damage to the tooth’s structure can be very painful, especially if the cavity is deep or a portion of the tooth has broken off. If your tooth is chipped, cracked, has a large cavity, or needs root canal therapy, you are most likely a candidate for a dental crown. Once your tooth has been treated and prepared, “capping” it with a dental crown is an ideal way to ensure the tooth remains strong and functional. Now, with CEREC crowns, this process can be cut in half, saving you the inconvenience of multiple trips to the dentist and the discomfort of wearing a temporary.

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Why Choose CEREC Crowns?

  • High-quality restorations in ONE visit
  • No more goopy impressions
  • No need for temporaries
  • Long-lasting, strong dental crowns
  • Fully customized, with a precise fit
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Dr. Connelly was able to have my final crown done in one day
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Our One-Day CEREC Crowns Process

Our CEREC treatment process is all digital, meaning you will have a more comfortable experience, we will get a more accurate scan of your tooth, and the final CEREC crowns will have a more precise fit. Your appointment will not include any goopy traditional impressions. Instead, we use a hand-held digital device that takes 3D images of your prepared tooth. We leverage our CEREC software to design custom CEREC crowns digitally. Next, the final digital representation of your dental crown is sent to our in-house milling machine where your restoration is created while you wait comfortably in the chair. Once we have made the final touches to your crown, we attach it permanently to your prepared tooth. This entire process is completed by our team in one office visit. Many times, these same-day dentistry appointments can last as little as one hour!

Dr. Connelly was able to get all of my crowns completed at one time
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Restore your tooth in just one visit. Contact our CEREC dentist today!